March 18, 2013

Free Books

When I was a kid we went to the library all the time. I loved walking down the rows of colorful, neatly lined books. I enjoyed the feeling of opening a new book and discovering the beautiful pictures and adventures. This was the beginning of my love affair with books and come to think of it, art.

After college and grad school I never wanted to see the inside of a library again. (Side note: School libraries are required to keep a copy of every class' text book. If you know what classes you are taking go online and reserve the books before the semester starts and you won't have to buy the books. I made it through 2 years of grad school without buying a single book.)

However, A few years ago I rediscovered a love for the library. I was surprised to find they are keeping up with the new digital age. Here are a few things I learned about the updated digital library (at least libraries in Georgia). And the best part is they are free to use with your library card. If you don't have a library card, take a proof of residence to the local library and sign up. Simple. Easy. Fast. They will give you a card and a number for signing into your account online. That's it! 

Here are a few new additions to the traditional walk in and check out books.

- Audio Books-  You can download a wide range of audio books from kindergarten to adult. I download books and listen to them while I am running or cleaning the house.  Each account can download five at a time and you can keep each one up to 2 weeks. Audio books are great for teachers too. You can put them on mp3 players, burn them to CDs or download them on class computers for kids to follow along with in their books.

- ebooks - If you own an ipad or tablet you can download ebooks for free instead of paying a monthly fee or buying each one. They have lots of books in all different topics. The app is Overdrive Media Console and can be downloaded from the library's website.

-Reserve books online- I love to read with my kids but I can't take a 2 year old into the library long enough to pick out books. So, I go online and reserve them and pick them up when they are pulled and waiting for me at the counter. This makes things so much easier. Also, if the books I want aren't at my local library you can request them from any library in our system, for Free! Also, they send me emails when the books are due back so I won't forget and get over due charges.

I love my library! And I hope to pass this love on to my kids.

March 12, 2013

Toddler's First Pillowcase

My niece is getting to be a big girl so of course MeMe requested I make the big girl a pillowcase for her tiny little pillow.  So, off to the fabric store I went in search of cute, soft, girly fabrics.

I bought half a yard of each so I would have plenty left over for my girly applique projects.
 The original pillowcase was 16x12 with a folded closure in the center back. First, I laid it out to figure out where I needed to trim.
After trimming the excess I sewed a 3/4 inch hem and brought the hemmed section to 8 inches (center back of pillowcase). 

 Next, I folded the opposite side over until it was over lapping in the center and the whole pillowcase is 16" wide.
Because my pillow has rounded corners I made this pillowcase rounded too using my pencil cup.
Sew the end seams. and trim excess at the corners.
I also serge the edges to keep them from unraveling. Last, Flip right side out and you are finished.

March 6, 2013

Apple Douughnut Snackers

My kids love to eat three things any time, any where; apples, peanut butter and chocolate. "Well duh!" you say.  This is not unusual because they taste awesome. But as a mom I get tired of doing the same thing everyday for snack. So I started making apple doughnuts for my kids. But one day I was standing there peeling and core the apples and the little medicine cup was sitting on the counter from the night before. Yes, I left it out... not gettin' the clean house award this week, or ever for that matter.

I have tons of these medicine cup so I am never short on apple "corers". ( They are also great for tracing to make coloring pages for toddlers.)