February 4, 2015

I'm Back...

I know what your thinking, What's with the Christmas wreath? Sigh. It's a little late, I know! (There is always next year!) At least the wreath made it to the door this year and this post is about the paint not the decor people.

Now that I finished my media certification degree (that's a fancy word made up by universities to make you pay more for a degree to be a librarian) Which, by the way was so worth it in the end. I have time for all those craft projects and blogging that I have missed so much.

Here's the two second update on the changes since my last post: Sold the house we built, Bought another one in the same neighborhood, (We miss the marsh and water!), finished my certification,  looking for a job!

Yes, we sold the beautiful house we built and move to yet another house in the same neighborhood. I know you are now rolling yours eyes in consternation at me. Well, join the club! Our friends and family expect it from us by now.

I have been so busy with school and family that the only crafty things I have accomplished are painting, lots of painting! Cabinets, breakfast table, all the walls in the "new" house, dressers etc. "Why so much painting?" you ask. Because painting is cheaper than therapy and I hate running.

We have made so many changes in the last year: cabinets in laundry room, leveled the back yard, added a play set, painted every wall in the house, in the process of painting all the cabinets in the house, tiled the back splash, built and installed a porch swing (Thank you David, Your so good to me!), painted the closet shelves in the master (which is massive!) and, added a sewing table/desk in guest bedroom. I feel like I am leaving something out... oh yes, painted the front door.

So to begin blogging again I thought I would start at the front door and say welcome to our (newly painted) home!

The first thing I did was paint the wooden front door... Gasp! Yes, I painted over wood. It was either; strip, sand, and refinish the old door or..... two coats of paint and be done. You know what I picked, right? Paint it!!! I like the contrast the black has with the brick. The wood blended in and made the front boring. But you painted it boring black! Well, black was a compromise with my "I love natural wood husband." We are currently in negotiations to paint it navy blue this spring but so far no  agreement has been made at this time. I will keep you posted.

 Here is the before picture.

See it blends with the brick. I know all the "natural" wood loving people are mourning the pretty natural wood. My argument was it was in really bad shape and need a complete redo. I also wasn't sold on the natural look for this house.

In future post I will share picture of all the projects we have completed over the last year. Thank for visiting. Come again soon!

May 16, 2014

Toddler Color Sort

Getting Pickle to sit down for more than two seconds and focus on anything is a struggle. However, as soon as he hears the rustling of a candy of cereal bag I have his full attention. I think kids are equipped with an internal sensor that goes off when I am about to eat anything tasty. They come out of the woodwork like the roaches in Joe's apartment. Horribly gross movie that freaks me out completely but you get the point. (Thank you Cody and Deidre for introducing me to that one.)

I didn't google this so it probably has been done before and probably better but I thought I should share anything that works.

Fruit Loops Sorting: Yep exactly like it sounds. Bowl of fruit loops, used his empty cup to trace circles (6 total, I had to count the colors on the box to figure that one out. Your Welcome!)

Tips from a teacher: While sorting the colos say the name of each color you sort. New words and concepts take the average kids to hear see and experience repeatedly for it to become learned (permanent knowledge) not memorize (temporary facts).

Teacher Appreciation

Okay, Being an educator on hiatus, I have a bunch of fun during teacher appreciation week each year. However, this year I wasn't as "on the ball" as I would have liked. My, not so brilliant, idea was to send in a present every day of the week but I ended up sending in one bag with all their favorite things. While not as fun, it still conveyed my heart felt thanks for the women who have poured their lives and energy and time into Posey this year. The idea is one that I had while listening to the Sound of Music soundtrack and sewing one morning. However, after "googling" the idea I found out my brilliance wasn't as innovative as I originally thought. Just goes to show their really is nothing new under the sun. 

Inside is a bunch of things the teacher said they like from the "My favorite Things" sheet I sent in at the beginning of the year. 
I also included a letter that I adapted from a post on Jen Hatmakers website. (She is an amazing women, writer, blogger and teacher whose testimony and biblical teaching touch me deeply) Her post really encompassed all that I wanted to say to Posey's teachers. Same message just my spine on it.