March 6, 2013

Apple Douughnut Snackers

My kids love to eat three things any time, any where; apples, peanut butter and chocolate. "Well duh!" you say.  This is not unusual because they taste awesome. But as a mom I get tired of doing the same thing everyday for snack. So I started making apple doughnuts for my kids. But one day I was standing there peeling and core the apples and the little medicine cup was sitting on the counter from the night before. Yes, I left it out... not gettin' the clean house award this week, or ever for that matter.

I have tons of these medicine cup so I am never short on apple "corers". ( They are also great for tracing to make coloring pages for toddlers.)

1 comment:

  1. These look great! You can't beat peanut butter and chocolate - and the slice of apple makes them a healthy snack right?